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Facility Planning


Service & Parts Productivity by Design!

Our facility planning service offers these advantages and benefits:

  • Prevents costly errors through expert review, consultation,and project management
  • Allows a visual overview of the entire project
  • Improves capacity, productivity and workflow by creating an efficient Service Department and Parts Department equipment layout
  • Manages the delivery, scheduling and installations of all equipment
  • Offers potential discount on equipment purchased
  • Help to facilitate grand opening expectations
  • Provides on-going support
Service and Parts facility layouts are available at no charge to the dealer principal when you provide architectural blueprints from the project architect or contractor. To obtain information, simply contact a customer service representative at 1-888-542-1011, or to locate your local tool and equipment program Regional Manager by clicking here. The process starts with a brief interview to establish the scope of the project. Next, your ideas are incorporated into a CAD drawing of the facility, which suggests an equipment layout and includes a complete product listing. Finally, the information is provided for your review, along with a complete price quotation that maximizes the potential discount your volume purchase would generate.