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WorkWipes® Reclaimed Rags - White - 25 lb. Bag

Item Number: NWPWIP561 - Supplier: NEW PIG CORP


Get 10% more of what you’re paying for with WorkWipes® Bag of Rags! Soft, absorbent cotton is the wiping material of choice where you need extra strength and protection from heat. Strict selection criteria and light-weight packaging mean you get more usable, quality Rags in every package.


  • Made out of recycled, post-consumer cotton and cotton-blend T-shirts; laundered prior to packaging
  • Durable, low-lint material is ideal for staining, wiping, polishing or any other general-use application
  • Compression-packed to save storage space; handle makes carrying easier
  • All Rags are free of printing and metal content, and they all meet a minimum size requirement, so you can actually use what you’re buying
  • Poly bag means there’s no heavy packaging added into the final weight; you get more Rags than you would with an equal-sized box


Consumable, no warranty.

Product Specifications

  • Colors: White
  • Weight: 25 lbs.