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GW-W33140 ProVac Zoom Professional Windshield Repair Kit

Item Number: GLWGWW33140 - Supplier: GLASWELD


This kit allows for mobile repairs, long cracks, edge and corners repairs and contains the ProCur+ LED UV Curing Light which can reduce repair time by as much as 5 minutes per repair! Plus, it comes with enough initial supplies for up to 250 repairs in a ballistics grade case to protect your investment. All GlasWeld injectors are made in America and come with a lifetime warranty.


  • ProvVac Zoom Professional Injector Assembly and Stand
  • High impact ballistic kit case
  • ProCur+™ LED UV Curing Light
  • ProCur+ USB Adapter: converts any 5-volt output to 12 volts (needed by the ProCur+). Allows you to be fully mobile when coupled with a battery power bank of reasonable capacity with 5V output. 
  • Moisture Evaporator
  • Resin 2010 Amber (15 ml)
  • Resin 2010 Gray (15 ml)
  • Pit Filler (15 ml)
  • Pit Polish (15 ml)
  • Polishing Cork
  • Injector Cleaners
  • Injector Seal Lube (15 ml)
  • Injector Seal Set
  • Corner/Edge Tool
  • Drill (Rechargeable with Charger)
  • Drill Bits – Carbide (5/pk)
  • Film Tabs
  • UV Blocker
  • Mirror
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Probe (Fixed Tip)
  • Probe (Replaceable Tip)
  • Razor Blades (6/pk)
  • Suction Cup (Black)
  • Suction Cup Sealant (60 ml)
  • Resin Guard
  • Operations Manual
  • Training USB
  • Online Training


Individual items are warranted separately.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 18" x 14" x 6"
  • Weight: 11.55 lbs.