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Diagnostic System KDS Kit

Item Number: GDSM-CPKITK


Essential Tool

GDSM-CPKITK Diagnostic System KDS Kit

*************** ATTENTION AFTERMARKET CUSTOMERS ***************
All NON-DEALERSHIP customers need to contact GITA call center and pay GITA annual subscription fee. The KDS kits will not be supported for software updates as needed without the subscription. Call 888-549-4977 to get the subscription activated.


G1XDDMN002     KMA VCI II Module
G1DDMN001       GDS Trigger
G1XDDCA002      Cable- 30P to USB
G1XDDCA003      ADAP.-DC to 16P
G1XDDCA005      USB OTG Cable 5P
G1JDDCA001      Cigar Cable_T-module
A2MDK1RDP5     SD Card Reader
G1XDDCA007      USB Cable
G1XDDHA001      Carrying Case
G1TDDMN006      TPMS B/T Adapter
G1XKNDM001       PC Manager Software Pack
A2XDDMT64G       64GB SD Card
GDSM-SMGXYN   Kia Diagnostic Tablet
GDSM-PTNCVR   Griffin Protection Case
GDSM-KIACLG     Kia Custom Logo Decal Set (3 Logo Stickers)